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March 2024, CALL TO ACTION:


We encourage all residents in Halton and beyond to contact our Member of Parliament to express our concerns as a community. 


Please copy the letter below and email it to

An open letter to our Member of Parliament Adam van Koeverden, likewise in his capacity as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault: 

To: The Honourable Adam van Koeverden, M.P. 
16 Hugh Lane,
Milton, ON, L9T 2C6,


Dear Mr. van Koeverden,

Here we are, once again, in 2024, standing before you as our Member of Parliament asking for you to advocate for your constituents vis-à-vis the proposed CN intermodal yard in Milton. 

We respectfully ask:

1. Mr. van Koeverden, do you stand with Milton, Halton Region and your constituents, to ensure that this project is stopped at this unsuitable and dangerous location once and for all?

2. Will you commit to ensuring your government and cabinet will not treat our health and safety as collateral damage in furthering CN’s corporate interests? 

3. Will you commit to ensuring that CN understands that it cannot do this to any Canadian community and that these facilities, while important, must be located in safe, appropriately zoned, industrial regions where they are wanted and where they may be operated safely and securely to the benefit of all stakeholders?

Your government hurt us deeply. It’s time to make things right. Milton STILL SAYS NO. Not only on our behalf but on behalf of all Canadians. We look forward to your reply and your renewed commitment to your constituents on this file. 



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