Community Letter Submitted July 29, 2018 to the CEAA

Milton Says No has submitted the following letter in response

to the call for public commentary by the CEAA regarding responses

to info packages 4.1, 4.2 and 5 in the EA process.

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Thank you to our community members for your input in

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October 26, 2017:


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Urgent Action Item - June 22, 2016

Please email the following letter to BOTH addresses below. Please do this right away while you are thinking about it, and please share freely, send to your neighbours and any residents in Halton.

CEAA, to Joseph Ronzio, Panel Manager:

CTA, to Scott Streiner:


CUT & PASTE the following letter.

Milton Logistics Hub Project
Draft Agreement to Establish a Review Panel &Terms of Reference – Comments
June 8 – July 11, 2016

Organization: Milton Says No

General Comments:
The CN proposal fails to take into account the impact of the Logistics Hub on the surrounding residential communities. Our community has voiced significant opposition to this project since the day it was announced in 2015. CN Rail and the CTA must acknowledge our widespread and vocal opposition presently and historically (since 2001 when this project was first proposed our community has rejected this location as dangerous and inappropriate). Our citizens have emphasized our opposition, the Town of Milton has expressed its opposition, and our Region of Halton has expressed its opposition. Canadian municipalities must be empowered to sanction/veto developments by rail companies. Rail companies should not be permitted to circumvent local zoning and concerns. The proximity of this proposed location--ergo the significant dangers and impacts it presents to our neighbourhoods and region--is wholly unacceptable. We implore the CEAA and the CTA to terminate this proposal and to prompt CN to consider alternate locations by cooperating with Canadian regions and municipalities.

Comments on the Draft Agreement to Establish a Review Panel &Terms of Reference:

Reference to document:
Section 3: Factors to be Considered

Recommended change:
Addition to section 3.1 
Location, operational & health risks.

The Review Panel must also take into account the extreme proximity of the project location to residential neighbourhoods including the impact of thousands of transport trucks to our local roads every day due to the project location’s significant distance from major highways.

Risk of locating the Logistics Hub in a thriving residential community.

Risk of accidents both inside and outside the Logistics Hub in a thriving residential community.

Cumulative risk to health of residents in the surrounding community.

Interference with citizens’ enjoyment of their home and residence.

Interference with the lawful rights & privileges of a resident to live in a peaceful and safe neighbourhood.

Risk of the significant lowering of property values in Milton.

That residents, municipal and regional councils have together expressed significant opposition to the project and heavy consideration should be given to opinions of local governing bodies, ergo disallowing rail companies to ignore local decision-making and zoning under federal legislation.

When CN abandoned this project a few years ago, they ceded their interest to the town, to the developers and the home owners who bought homes in the area. With the renewal of interest, having abandoned the project several years ago CN, in effect, gave false comfort to the community and the town. The Milton community has been dealt with in bad faith. Morally, CN is reprehensible in its about-face on this project.


Our petition presented to the House of Commons by MP Lisa Raitt on June 1, 2016. 

Members of the Milton Chamber of Commerce, and other Milton businesses, please sign our online petition stating thate Milton Business Says NO to the proposed CN intermodal terminal location. 

SHARE this website, the facebook group link, and your thoughts and concerns with your neighbours and friends, especially those in Milton. Use the hashtag #MiltonSaysNo 

Contact CN - respectfully let them know how much we care about our community and the town we live in. Let them know that we don't want this facility at its proposed location, and that there are many other localities that are better suited to this facility. Let CN know that we expect them to work through proper channels and to address our concerns at the town level as opposed to going around us at the federal level.  Contact CN here